Sofia, 13 November 2017 – Bulgarian Science Course for Teachers is free of charge and was created by the magazine’s team as a result of the numerous educators’ inquiries from across the country how the media could ease their work. At the same time, it aims to shorten the distance between science and students by illustrating how teachers can enrich pupils’ practical knowledge with more than 5.000 materials from different scientific fields and thus engage them actively in the learning process.

The course is suitable for all secondary school educators who would like to immerse in the world of online teaching and are looking to expand their digital skills. It comprises 11 modules that encapsulate practical information on various topics, including:

  • How teachers can use 30 GB on Bulgarian Science platform for free in order to ease their work by using a personal Gmail account at;
  • Comprehensive explanation of Google Drive benefits and its practical application in a real school environment;
  • Online tasks and homework to drive pupils’ digital knowledge and higher engagement rate;
  • Usefulness of social media in the learning process with focus on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube;
  • Additional ideas for engaging students online.

‘Bulgarian teachers are extremely busy and we cannot possibly expect that they have spare time and follow the latest e-education trends, too. On the other hand, reading articles on the web and watching YouTube videos is not enough to get to know the topic in depth. This is the reason why we decided to make their work easier by summing up information which they can access at any time and put into practice straight away’, said Petar Teodosiev, founder of Bulgarian Science magazine.

To enrol in the course, please visit Questions and recommendations are welcomed at

About Bulgarian Science magazine

Bulgarian Science magazine is the most popular outlet in the country which covers the big ideas and latest novelties from all fields of science. It is published by Forum Science Association on the initiative of Petar Teodosiev who is well-known to the general public as one of the leading communicators of science in Bulgaria. The magazine was launched in 2005 and offers in-depth articles and exposés written by Bulgarian scholars and specialists and experts in different areas of knowledge. The materials Bulgarian Science has collected in the last 12 years exceed 5.000 and represent the biggest free platform for non-formal education in Bulgaria and an encyclopaedia of the Bulgarian science with thousands of Bulgarians who benefit from it. Bulgarian Science magazine is issued every month and is offered online, free of charge, because everyone is entitled to access knowledge.